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    Available courses

    In February 2014, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) issued guidance for health and social care practitioners on responding to domestic violence in their practice. The guidance outlined four levels of training for differing professionals groups. This e-learning programme will enable you to meet level 1 & 2 of the NICE recommended training and is applicable to all health and social care professionals.

    Domestic and sexual violence, problematic substance use and mental distress are three issues which often co-exist and when they do, things can become complicated. This course is designed to ‘uncomplicate’ matters by raising your awareness about how the three issues interlink and reflecting on the most effective ways to engage with individuals and families who are affected by these issues.

    This course has been developed alongside a toolkit for professionals who work with victims or perpetrators of domestic and sexual violence who are also affected by problematic substance use and/or mental distress. You will find links to the toolkit throughout the course. Otherwise, you can download the full toolkit here. 

    This course was developed by AVA on behalf of the London Borough of Barnet to provide staff with a foundation level of understanding of both domestic abuse and sexual violence.

    It was developed in accordance with the London Borough of Barnet’s ‘Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy 2017-2020’. 

    This e-learning module is based on an OCN accredited training course developed by AVA and Women and Girls Network. Through the e-learning programme, you will develop a sound understanding of the experiences of vulnerable and gang-affected young women. You will learn to identify the abuse young women are vulnerable to and learn strategies to engage and support vulnerable young women who may also be at risk of gang involved or are already gang-associated.